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Track listing

1. It's For You
2. Selfish Shellfish
3. Frozen
4. Vegemite Spread
5. Gimme
6. Living in the City
7. Death of a Guinea Pig
8. Bite
9. My Mother's Locked Out Of The House
10. Eel
11. Inish Itty
12. Big Moon
13. It's for You



Selfish Shellfish sings of the small and big things in modern children's lives.

Mixes Fatcat & Fishface's trademark offbeat humour with the dark feeling of old fairytales. From an Antarctic adventure to the Pacific seashore; everyday life in the city to over sugared children's birthday parties; the heartrending 'Death of a Guinea Pig' to the defiant 'My Mother's Locked Out Of The House'.

All rights reserved by Fatcat & Fishface 2011