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Track listing

1. Fatcat & Fishface
2. Little Animal Eater
3. Pick Me
4. Flyby
5. Pretty, Sweetie, Happy and Lucky
6. Lazy
7. Favourite Undies
8. You Are What You Eat
9. Joe
10. Singalong
11. Impossible Dancing Song
12. I Never
13. Fatcat & Fishface




Horrible Songs for Children
Cheeky songs with a twist: the meaning of life from a tap dancing fly's point of view, the song no-one can dance to, the sweet cat by day who sharpens her fangs at night, the catchy "Favourite Undies" song, and the subject we can all relate to, laziness.

WINNER Best New Artist for Older Children (1999) at the Children's Music Web Awards (USA)

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